Dystropian Awesomeness!

March Dystropia MadnessI want to thank all my fellow Dystropians for submitting their awesome blog posts this month! Each post shared great insight, sparked fun conversations, and contributed to the general awesomeness of the kidlit writing community!

To all my readers, please spend some time with this group’s brilliant blogs, witty twitter sites, and buy their books when they come out!

Thank you to:

Jen Baliey

Jessica Denhart

Melanie Fishbane

Peter Langella

Rachel Lieberman

Sheryl Scarborough

Jeff Schill

Here’s all the Dystropians at our graduate semester VCFA residency!

The Dystropians

5 thoughts on “Dystropian Awesomeness!

  1. Ingrid, this was an awesome idea, and helped alleviate a great deal of my Dystropian-homesickness. Someone draw me in the photo as a stick figure or something :D.

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