Who Wants Cake?

If you didn’t already know – I LOVE CAKE! I have my own caking blog and I’m often attempting my own amateur ultimate cake-off fondant masterpieces. I’m always admiring the work of professionals, particularly when they decide to make cakes about children’s books! If you’re not familiar with the hilarious blog “Cake Wrecks” which usually features BAD cakes, it’s time to check it out. Only once a week they share the GOOD instead of the bad. This week they featured creative cake creations made in honor of National Library Week.

See all the amazing cakes here: Cake Wreck’s Feature Kidlit Cakes

2 thoughts on “Who Wants Cake?

  1. these are amazing! I can’t decide which I’d want more, the Hunger Games one or the Narnia one – but then I’d have to eat it and it would be gone. That’s the problem with edible art. Have you seen this video of the dad who made his son an Angry Bird’s cake – it is amazing, and actually has a working slingshot and everything!

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