Quote of the Week: David Mack

David Mack Artwork“Do you think books help shape your identity? Or do they only reveal it?” – David Mack

“Talent is a misused notion. You’ve got to do the work for the talent to show up.” – David Mack

“My work [art] is a connect-the-dots… it’s just a bunch of dots and it’s not complete until someone completes it. None of my artwork here on the page is the finished work. It’s just a dot and then another dot, and the real magic happens when the reader comes to it and fills in what’s between the dots. Each reader connects those dots in a different way.” – David Mack

David Mack is an illustrator, graphic novelist, and picture book writer. His works include writing and illustrating the Kabuki graphic novel series, the children’s book The Shy Creatures, and illustrating many other comics and covers including Daredevil. Mack’s work has generated nomination for two Eagle Awards, and Eisner Award, and the Harvey and Kirby awards for Best New Talent.

David Mack Artwork


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