Author Photos

Hey Friends!

I’m in the exciting and fun phase of choosing an author photo for my book (Eeeeek!). My lovely fiance Russell Gearhart took the below portraits. I like them all so much I don’t know which one to pick. I’d love to hear your opinion. What would you like to see on the book jacket?

Please leave a comment below.


Thanks for your input everyone!

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24 thoughts on “Author Photos

  1. Ingrid, I can see why it’s a tough choice- each is really gorgeous and also offers benefits of its own. I love the expression in the first one, the second has a tad more “classic” feel to it, and the third one is just plain fun, including your expression.
    In general, I think I’d say the first is the best “mid-point” for catching those who don’t know you but check out the author page- lots of spirit, a sense of your personality, but also a little touch of classic.
    Just IMO, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  2. They’ll all great, Ingrid! But I love the way your hair is whipping in the wind in photo #3 – and your expression. They give a sense of action, daring, and boldness.

  3. Exciting stage!
    3 – the colours compliment your skin and hair and the windswept hair adds a bit of fun. They are all great photos though. Proportion wise, I think they would all look better cropped to square.

  4. Ingrid, as a pro photographer let me respond honestly. The images look as if shot at high noon. The light is harsh. Your hair highlights clip to pure white. Out door shooting is done near sunset. The portrait is about the face: there’s no need for anything below the shoulders.
    Get in close! Rest your chin on your palms (an awful cliche but it works). Don’t let an important author photo be represented by a snapshot. Get a portrait. Look at portraits shot by great photogs and go from there. I just rained on your parade, I know. I do it with respect and admiration.

    • Hi Artrosch,

      Thanks for your opinion. These were taken by a professional photographer (not snapshots). Though, yes, the first two were done in the early afternoon. But the third one was taken near sunset. When you say “get a portrait” do you mean one in a studio with a seamless?

  5. Ingrid, it’s not necessary to go into a studio. If funds are available (or good will or barter, etc) It would’t hurt, it might produce a memorable portrait, you never know.. When I shoot I’ll take sixty or seventy shots and winnow the best from this batch. I like number three the best. Forgive me for being a know-it-all.

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