Immersion: The Writing Process

We each have our own writing processes, and every book demands to be written differently. While participating in the #writingprocess blog tour last month, I talked about how my current WIP has been a difficult project to wrap my brain around. I said:

“This book demands immersion. She demands focus for hours at a time. And I’m not talking half-assed freewriting or NaNoWriMo first draft word-puke. This novel wants my blood. I do the best I can to keep myself immersed in this novel as much as I can, because she likes to hole up and shut me out for weeks if I’m not diligent.”

I haven’t been diligent. I’ve allowed this project to hide in the back of my mind. I’ve been avoiding it.

So after failing to immerse myself in this novel, I’ve decided to dive in 100% and go for it. There’s no time like the present. I just dropped my fiance off at the airport and he won’t be back for five days. Which means I have five days without distractions. It also means I can turn my writing studio (which happens to be in our living room) into a shrine to this project.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Say hello to my workspace this week:


Yup, I’ve covered the walls with all of the brainstorming I’ve done on this project: character sheets, outlines, mind-webs, questions I need to answer and more.


I’ve been working through John Truby’s 22 Steps of Story Structure:



I’ve collected setting and location images:


I’ve created character sheets with photos and lists of controlling beliefs, external goals, fears, moral needs, self revelations, and distinguishable traits.



As much as I’ve been avoiding this project … I can’t anymore. Not if I have to look at this every morning!


Lets hope this keeps me motivated!

I wish you all happy writing this week and the next. And if you have images of your work spaces, I’d love to see them!

18 thoughts on “Immersion: The Writing Process

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  3. You should check out IdeaPaint. It turns walls into a WhiteBoard and it’s awesome!

    Are those giant green things PostIt Evernote pads? Love those!

    I agree with the other comments…inspiring!

  4. This is gorgeous… I am seriously envious of the amount of space you can devote to your writing…. and hey, color-coded!!! 😀

  5. I admire you, Ingrid. I wonder if you might be slightly OCD? That could be a good thing for a writer, an ambitious writer, but don’t let the process kidnap you away from the story.

  6. Totally inspiring, right down to the color on the walls! I moved into my dining room from my home office because I found I didn’t want to be shut away. But I’d love to do something like this – I suppose, there’s no reason I can’t. I won’t use the dining room for actual eating until Thanksgiving… 😉

    • It’s really inspiring to have all of this up on the walls. I’ve left mine up for now. I probably won’t take it down till I have guests too (which might not be till Halloween!).

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