The VCFA Universe

VCFA universe logoOne of the things I love about attending the Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) is the school’s traditions. We name our classes and have class-name “reveal” ceremonies. We  decorate the portraits that hang on campus with silly kidlit references. There’s even a costume party themed in honor of the graduating class, and more.

I graduated this week (woohoo!), which meant my class (The Dystropians) had the our honor of introducing the VCFA faculty at our last residency. Per tradition, the presentation is inspired by the graduating class’s name. My class is the Dystropians — a play on Dystopian “end of the world” literature and the literary device of tropes. We named ourselves the Dystropians because we graduated in Jan 2013, having just survived the Dec. 21st 2012 Aztec apocalypse.

With our theme of “rising from the ashes of the apocalypse,” the Dystropians introduced the VCFA faculty as SUPERHEROES who must write, teach, and spread the written word after the end of days.

This all serves as preamble for the fact that I had the honor of drawing all our faculty members as superheroes! And I would like to share them with you.

Thus, I present to you – The VCFA Kidlit Universe!

Rita Williams Garcia


Tim Wynne JoneS


Matt De La Pena

Martine Leavitt


Louise Hawes


Susan Fletcher

Mark Karlins


Franny Billingsly


Alan Cumyn


Bonnie Christianson

April Lurie


Sarah Ellis


Sharron Darrow


Julie Larios


Shelley Tanaka


Amanda Jenkins

Betsy Partridge


Mary Quattlebaum


Jane Kurtz


Margaret Bechard


Coe Booth


Tom Birdseye


Leda Schubert


Laura Kvasnosky

An Na


Kathi Appelt


Uma Krishnaswami

After the apocalypse the future of writing is secured with the Dystropian Task Force!

Dystropian Task Force

Illustrations by: Ingrid Sundberg

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17 thoughts on “The VCFA Universe

  1. I cannot believe how awesome they are. I cannot believe I missed it! The best part was knowing who each character was before scrolling down. Great job Ingrid!!! I think I love Coe the best.

  2. These were so awesome during the introductions, and even more awesome now that I have the opportunity to really study them. So many brilliant character-revealing details!

  3. Ingrid – I’ve just discovered your fantastic blog *and* these absolutely amazing images! I wish I could have been there to see the faculty enjoy them. Well done!

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