Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, and every year my photographer boyfriend and I throw a Halloween party. We drink some blood, decorate the house, bake enough treats to satiate the giant tarantula in our backyard, and wait for the Zombies to come. It’s a deadly-good time! I thought I’d tease your trick-or-treating taste buds with some spook-a-licious photos from the event. Enjoy!

The house gets decked out for the event, and we let a few arachnids take up residence for the weekend.

I made pumpkin and Jack Skellington cake pops.

I let the Zombie’s know who’s boss.

These Kabobs are made from 100% Gozdilla flesh…and cheese.

These pumpkin bites were cute and tasty!

My boyfriend Russell dressed up as Willie Nelson and I was a dark fairy (Yes, that is my real hair!).

Russell set up his photobooth and our costumed guests had a howling-good time mugging it up in front of the camera.

It was a spook-tastic time!

If you’d like to see more photos you can check them out at Russell Gearhart Photography’s Blog, or see all the photobooth images at the Russell Gearhart Photography Facebook Page.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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