Got Gifts? My 2011 Picture Book Suggestions!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your turkey comas and tended to your Black Friday bruises and are ready for the big buying marathon of the weeks to come! Since I will be making quite a few holiday suggestions in the bookstore this season I thought I might share a few of my favorites with all of you as well! So here are my 2011, ready to be wrapped, picture book suggestions:


I Want My Hat Back

by Jon Klassen

A hilarious yet simple book about a bear who can’t seem to find his hat. It packs a final punch unlike any picture book I’ve seen before, and adults will love this book as much as kids (possibly more)! It has lovely illustrations and is fun to read out loud.


Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

A gorgeously illustrated book about the life and legacy of a grandfather as captured through the sculptures of his garden. A lovely book for grandparents to share with their grand-kids. This one will charm and tug on your heart strings at the same time.

Itsy Mitsy Runs Away by Elanna Allen

You will fall in love with the adorable illustrations and determined attitude of Itsy Mitsy, an idy-biddy-sized girl who decides she wants to run away. While she’s at it she realizes there might be a thing or two she needs to bring with her like her dinosaur, and her dog…and maybe even dad too. The whimsical and breezy illustrations sold me on this book, but the humor and charm of the storytelling makes the whole package a winner!

Pirate vs. Pirate

by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

Ahhhhrg Matey! Who be the greatest pirate in the world? In this fantastically fun read-aloud adventure Big Bad Bart and Mean Mad Mo battle to see who is brave enough to swim with sharks, juggle cannon balls, and hornswaggle their way up the tallest mast on this side of the Pacific! You won’t want to miss this swashbuckling adventure else it be you who’s left empty handed and walkin’ the plank!



by Mary Lyn Ryan and illustrated by Marla Frazee

A beautiful book about everything star. A lovely look at how stars are all around us: looking over us in the sky,  held in our pockets for good luck, found in forests, or given away for good deeds well done. This elegant book is both warm and musing and philosophical, and instant classic for your picture book treasury.

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