Hooray for Kidlit Writer Friends!!!

This is my 200th post on Ingrid’snotes and I thought I’d make it a celebratory one! It turns out a whole bunch of my friends are getting their books published! They’re all debut authors and it’s super inspiring! So here’s a little love (and promotion) just for them!

Keep an eye out for these awesome authors:

KATE KARYUS QUINN – Kate and I went to film school together and even had a screenwriting writer’s group together after we graduated. It seems we’ve both turned from film to books and she just announced (today on Facebook) the sale of her two-book series Another Little Piece (at auction)! Go Kate! Check out the official Publisher’s Weekly announcement here: http://tinyurl.com/3l4h33q and learn more about Kate on her blog: http://katekaryusquinn.blogspot.com/

SARA WILSON ETIENNE – I met Sara at the big SCBWI LA conference last year. We bonded over mutual teal-blue hair and  that we’d both lived in Bar Harbor Maine! Her debut novel Harbinger comes out this February 2012. I got my greedy little hands on one of her ARC’s and am reading it right now! It is un-put-down-able! Learn more about Sara’s adventures in writing at: http://www.sarawilsonetienne.com/


KRISTIN KITTSCHER – New friend and writer’s group partner Kristen sold her middle grade novel to Harper Collins back in March of this year! The title may change so I’m not going to mention it here, but keep a look out for a mystery about the comic misadventures of two tween sleuths who suspect their school counselor is a dangerous criminal… and they just might be right! Keep tabs on Kristin’s adventures at: http://kristenkittscher.com/


KEN MIN – Illustrator friend (who I also met through SCBWI) had his first illustrated children’s book come out this year! Hot Hot Roti for Dada-ji is Written by F. Zia and illustrated by Ken Min! It came out in March from Lee&Low Press and is available for purchase at your local bookstore or online. Get yourself a copy now! Learn more about Ken and see his art at: http://www.kenminart.com/

MARK STEENSLAND – Mark is another friend from film school who is getting published! His debut middle grade fantasy novel Behind the Bookcase comes out this fall from Random House! Learn more about Mark and his book at: http://www.marksteensland.com/

Congratulations to all my friends who are getting published!

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