Quote of the Week: Point-of-View

Since I’m exploring point-of-view right now it seemed like it would be a great idea to stick to theme with this week’s quotes:

“The third person narrator, instead of being omniscient, is like a constantly running surveillance tape.” – Andrew Vachss

“The choice of point-of-view will largely determine all other choices with regards to style, diction, characteristic speed of sentences and so on. What the writer must consider, obviously, is the extent to which point-of-view, and all that follow from it, comments on the characters, actions, and ideas.” – John Gardner

“View point must always serve as filter for the voice that is revealing the story.” – Uma Kirishwami

“Consider the difference between the first and third person in poetry… It’s like the difference between looking at a person and looking through their eyes.” – Diana Abu-Jaber

“I like to write first-person because I like to become the character I’m writing.” – Wally Lamb

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