Quote of the Week: Brenda Bowen

“Every book changes my life. Why else read one.” – Brenda Bowen

Brenda Bowen shared the above quote at the SCBWI OC Agent day a few weekends ago, and I believe her husband actually said it to her (if the scribble I wrote in my notes proves true). This quote has really stuck with me in the last few weeks. I often think we are always looking for that one big book that will change our lives, and yes those books do exist, but we often forget what we learn from each story we read and/or are told. So go pick up a book! It will change your life in some way!

Brenda Bowen has held a variety of positions during her twenty five-plus years in children’s publishing. She has been editorial director of Henry Holt & Co., Disney/Hyperion, Schoolastic Press, and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. She is now a literary agent with Stanford J. Greenburger and  Associates.

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