Quote of the Week: Andrea Brown

“A query letter should be like a skirt.  Long enough to cover everything, but short enough to be exciting.” – Andrea Brown

The above quote was given at the Big Sur in the Rockies Conference and actually mentioned on good friend Julie Hedlund’s Blog (who attended the event). So I’m going to send all of you to her blog to check out the great additional info she learned from Andrea Brown: Write Up My Life Blog

Andrea Brown is the president of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency which was the first literary agency to represent both children’s book authors and illustrators. Andrea Brown Agency works to bring to light the voices and perspectives of new writers as well as to nurture and develop the careers of experienced authors. Their goal, whether seeking to secure a publishing contract for a first book or a fiftieth book, is to make sure that clients are not only published, but published well. The Andrea Brown philosophy is to remain a “small” agency at heart. Meanwhile investing a great deal of personal care and attention in each project.

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