Quote of the Week: Mary Kole

“Teens aren’t stupider versions of adults. They’re their own complex, multi-faceted people, they just don’t have the benefit of as much life experience… Successful YA writers have honest, authentic voices and they still have many vivid memories of their own young adulthood’s.”

Mary Kole is an agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Originally a writer, she decided to learn what it was like on the other side of publishing and worked for Chronicle Books and Andrea Brown. She quickly found it was her passion, and joined Andrea Brown as a full agent. Mary represents young adult and middle grade fiction as well as some picture books. She wishes to nurture careers and cares about sharing her knowledge with all writers with her award-winning blog: Kitdlit.com.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Mary Kole

  1. Good one! Same is true with younger children. Members of my critique group often tell me that some of the words I use are too “sophisticated” for kids, because they won’t know what they mean. They forget that we all learn new words by hearing them in context, when they’re surrounded by other words that we do understand. Kids can feel meaning just like adults.

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